Project Description

Person-Centred Care in Home Care Teaching Resources

Project Description

The chart above describes “The Visit”, a framework for conceptualizing Home Care that recognizes that the nature and quality of relationships shape the experiences and outcomes of the recipient and provider of Home Care. Relations include person-to-person encounters between those who give care and those who receive care – but also relations within and amongst organizational systems, the care environment, and dependencies on care.


Educating health care providers within the context of home care on the key aspects of person-centred care is vital to quality care. Developed from client and care provider interviews from the Excellence in Intimate Care study, these videos showcase a person-centred approach in two separate scenarios: Entering the Space and Bathing a Client. [Stay Tuned]



These print-based materials, including lesson plans and suggested learning activities, are aimed at facilitating discussion on the topic of person-centred client care in the context of home care. To be used in conjunction with the videos on Entering the Space and Bathing a Client.  [Stay Tuned]